About us

About company

Erkin Gurlushyk Individual Enterprise, which performs construction, installation, repair and lighting works, is a member of the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs of Turkmenistan. Erkin Gurlushyk IE, founded in Mary velayat in 2010, has successfully implemented about 20 projects to date. All of them are located in Mary velayat, and the main customers are the administration of the velayat, military and law enforcement agencies, as well as entrepreneurs.

Our plans

Using the experience and reputation gained in the velayat, we are currently planning to reach a higher level of development of our business within the country. We aim to contribute to the phased construction work in various parts of Turkmenistan, and especially our capital Ashgabat. With the help of our projects, we plan to actually demonstrate the effectiveness of our business strategy, based on great attention to the quality and reliability of the work.

Sustainable development of our country also affects the development of domestic entrepreneurship. Our business plan is based on the intention to become a Turkmen company, which is constantly improving in the construction industry.

Currently, the key goal of our company is to successfully complete the construction of a modern residential complex on Bayram Khan Street in Mary.

Our goal

Our key goal as an individual enterprise, Erkin Gurlushyk, is to ensure the high quality of the buildings, due to the experience gained in the field of construction and installation works in Turkmenistan. Thanks to the projects we have been implementing for more than 10 years and the accumulated experience in the field of construction, trust in our company is growing day by day. Since we also trade in building materials, we want to note that we are fully prepared to vouch for their reliability and quality. We are aimed at maintaining confidence in the quality of our work and the projects planned for implementation in Turkmenistan by ensuring their exceptional reliability.